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Meow Means Me! Now!

Me! Now! Book
Reader comments and cat stories
Jemma Chase & Detective Tucker, New Kitties

Reader comments and cat stories

All of the stories about cats are read to Jemma Kitty and Detective Tucker, in honor of Hunter.  We all appreciate your comments about Meow Means Me! Now!

5.0 out of 5 stars Hunter's Story -- A Neat Cat Saga That Touches the Child in Every Reader's Heart, November 20, 2008
Maggie Bishop did not write Meow Means Me! Now! for children; however, I find it has great value for children of all ages. We are all children inside, and she wrote it for the cat-loving children we are.

First, the book can be read by a mother expecting a child. An expectant mother can gain pleasure reading to her unborn baby. (When I was pregnant, my daughter was in constant motion. If I read rhymed poetry aloud, she settled down. I believe she enjoyed the reading.)

Next, newborn babies love to look at black-and-white contrasting pictures. Authorities say that infants relate to this kind of pictures more than to color photographs. MEOW is full of delightful black-and-white photos. The rhymed verses are suitable to read to an infant.

Then some of the pages can be read each night for bedtime stories. In a gentle, loving way the book teaches about death. Children need to discuss this subject. (They are exposed to it in crass ways all too often on television!)

Those of us who are young at heart delight in the happiness and sadness of the rhyming feline allegory. I will treasure this book and keep it near the couch in my living room.

All you children, no matter how old you are, should buy several of these and give them for Christmas gifts. I recommend this book with love! Thanks to Maggie Bishop for sharing this poignant portion of her life in this clever coffee-table delight.

When I read Maggie Bishop's book Meow Means Me! Now! I immediately fell in love with the book.  It spoke to me instantly, and I don't even have a cat (yet).  I know hundreds of cat lovers, cat foster parents, cat shelters and cat advocates that would truly appreciate the beauty of this book.  
               --S Dahl, Amelia Island, FL

I laughed, cried and nodded my head in recognition.  This is the best cat book I've ever read.
             -- Cynthia Ryals, Gunnison, CO

I received your book, Meow Means Me! Now!  It is a wonderful book.  I love cats.  I had one to live 25 years.  My latest cat is Billy Bob.  He came to the door and said "I have come to live with you."  I know this book will be a great success.  Best wishes to you.
                        -- Julia Condit, Rocky Mount, NC

Maggie, I am a cat person.  Loved your cat and picture book.  Some cat!  My oldest cat was 17 when she died.  She was a house cat and farm cat.  I have 5 cats now.  Good mousers on the farm.
                          --Charlotte Edmiston, Ferguson, NC

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