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Meow Means Me! Now!

Me! Now! Book
Reader comments and cat stories
Jemma Chase & Detective Tucker, New Kitties

Me! Now! Book

Meow Means Me! Now! by Maggie Bishop

Kittens at Humane Society

Age 0, With Momma


I lift my head high and try to see

the blurry shape of others like me.

My kitten-ken are warm and hungry.

We bump and push on Momma’s tummy.


What’s this? I ask when a hairless paw

shows me the biggest eyes I ever saw.

“We’ll take him,” rings loudly in my ears.

“Come back at eight weeks,” brings me to tears.


Momma!  I cry when back in the nest.

She licks me to set my mind to rest.

It won’t be long ’til you’re on your own.

You’ll train your friends by just the right tone.


Hunter and baby on bed

Age 2, Baby Girl

What can I do? I cry out with might.

A little one’s invading this night.

I smell and I sniff, What could this be?

“It’s our new baby,” with delight says She.


Baby’s slow to learn, teach her I try.

I repeat ’til I think I could cry.

She says “coo” and “do” but not “meow”

Which everyone knows to mean Me! Now!


I was a kitten once, I reply.

I’m almost a teen, I say and sigh.

Ignore her I think, knowing I will not.

She’s my family, that says a lot.


Other chapter titles include Age 1- Accident, Age 3 - Baby's First Stand, Age 4 - Spring, Age 5 - Teaching My Lady, Age 6 - Baby Boy, Age 7 - My Slip, Age 8 - the Vet, Age 9 - Summer, Age 10 - Caught, Age 11 - Hero, Age 12 - the Move, Age 13 - New House Training, Age 14 - Sophisticated Cat, Age 15 - Fall, Age 16 - Grandpa Moves In, Age 17 - Christmas, Age 18 - Winter, Age 19 - Grandpa Gone, and Age 20 - Last Sleep

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