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Me! Now! Book
Reader comments and cat stories
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Meow Means Me! Now!

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From Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc,  President Pam DelaBar

Dear Mrs. Bishop,

Thank you so much for sharing the book with me. I read it on my plane flight yesterday, I must admit I had a big lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when I finished.

Anyway, I am honored you asked me for a "few words" for the book. Use them or edit as you wish.

"Maggie Bishop's Meow Means Me! Now! is a must read for cat lovers. Dictated by Hunter (the cat) to Maggie over the course of his 20 year life, it is a clever, yet poignant, celebration of the feline-human bond from Hunter's rhyming viewpoint."

Feline fanatics, animal admirers, pet paramours, and those crazy about cats have fun with this thought-provoking book featuring Hunter and his stories written in rhyme. 

Meow Means Me! Now! by Maggie Bishop

Sophisticated Hunter
 in modeling pose

Hunter, a Havana Brown feline

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A rhyming feline allegory.
Since most humans cannot understand feline speech, I'm using this website as a means to communicate.  Many felines feel this is beneath them but I've come to understand the two-legged guardians and do not hesitate to convey my story in any way possible.
One of my guardians, Maggie Bishop, is an author.  I've had her tell my story and take appropriate photographs to enhance the reading experience.
In my twentieth human year I reached the age my wisdom and philosophy needed to be shared.

Author Maggie Bishop was selected in 2007 as one of 100 Incredible ECU Women!

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Meow Means Me! Now! $8 + $3 shipping = $11.  Please include name for inscription so guardian Maggie can personalize her autograph.

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